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About ZEEL's New Brand Positioning - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The World is My Family:


Launched in 1992, Brand ZEE has earned a global recognition in its reign over the M & E industry for the past 25 years. Being a global brand, ZEEL entertains over 1 billion viewers across the world. ZEEL also enjoys a presence in 172 countries, offering a rich bouquet of 32 channels in India, and 39 dedicated channels for the international markets. In this journey of over 2 decades, Brand ZEE has not just formed a family of millions of viewers, but has also enriched the lives of all the internal as well as external stakeholders, including the shareholders, bankers, investors, employees and business partners. ZEEL considers each one of these stakeholders, as Family and aims at making the entire World a part of this Family. Inspired with this thought, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - The World is my Family, is the new positioning for Brand ZEE.

About the New Visual Identity:

ZEE Entertainment

The Typeface:

In order to maintain a balance, a blend of traditional and modern approach reflects in the visual identity (the horizontal Devnagri line over a word + the modern 'Trojan Pro' font). It is reflective of ZEEL's Indian heritage as well as its contemporary outlook.

The Dands:

On either side of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbaikam' amplify the authentic Vedic origin of the ideology. The Dands used at the beginning and end of a sentence also signify completeness, emphasizing that when everyone lives by this ideology the world will be complete.

The Tilak / Bindu:

A prominent aspect of the visual identity, is the Red Bindu. This ritual mark on the forehead - a sign of a blessing or a greeting, usually made out of a red vermilion paste (kumkum), applied between the brows, is considered as the symbol of latent wisdom and most importantly it used when welcoming another into your home.

The Essence:

  • The concept is originated in the Maha Upanishad in shloka describing the behavior of great men who are elevated to bramhistithi of spiritual realm.
  • Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family.

Relevance to the Modern World:

  • In the rapidly connecting world of today, wherein the ecosystem is evolving at a faster pace, the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam holds its relevance with the growing need to appreciate each other's ways, beliefs and culture.
  • The key emphasis is on: - Need for Peace
    - Need for Tolerance
    - Need for Non - Discrimination

Relevance to ZEEL:

ZEEL being a global entertainment conglomerate, interacting with diverse cultures and communities across the world, aiming to reach 1.2 billion viewers, needed a global brand statement, which starkly differentiates itself from the other global media brands and at the same establishes a strong connect.

This document elaborates the integration of this brand positioning in our company's ethos, and also narrates the brand identity guidelines. Being a member of the ZEEL Family, you are responsible to contribute to the strength of this global brand, and ensure the adherence of the guidelines.



Employee's approach towards the World outside should be filled with immense Respect and Gratitude. Being a part of the ZEEL Family, and especially bearing the strong positioning message of welcoming the entire world into one Family, the employee being the most strongest stakeholder of the brand, should be polite, respectful and humble in every single interaction with the outside world. Employee's actions and words should resonate the brand's philosophy.


Other important aspect, which reflects Brand ZEE's persona, is being extremely generous. Generosity should not be merely in terms of one's monetary support to the underprivileged side of the world, but also in terms of extending help and support in every aspect. Be it, helping a junior at work to grow and progress in the organization, or offering a support to the partners on board to execute a smooth work execution, generosity should reflect in every aspect of the Employee's interaction.


Compassionate approach is another important element of Brand ZEE's positioning message. Empathizing a colleague at work, and extending the required levels of sympathy, consideration, concern or kindness, should also be one of the very important aspect in each employee's approach at work. Not just in terms of an employee's interactions with employees at work, but also in terms of the dialogues with the outside world, compassion should be a strong element.


As it is rightly said, that knowledge grows by sharing and shrinks if it is not; Sharing becomes an equally important aspect in carrying the brand's message ahead. One has to share one's knowledge and thoughts with the team to enhance the overall output and performance, and to also equally empower the world around. Sharing and caring turn out to be extremely important elements for an employee's approach towards the world, and wonderfully reflect Brand ZEE's noble message.


One has to be extremely supportive in nature, and should extend help to all fellow colleagues and business partners at work, ensuring a synergized work atmosphere, with higher productivity and enhanced results. Supporting one's team-member in his/her weakness area, ensures a learning curve and helps in further strengthening that area of work. Hence, Support also becomes an integral part of the brand's message and should be incorporated in every aspect of one's interaction.


Last but definitely not the least, Loyalty towards your own brand is the most important element in generating a strong sense of ownership and dedication. One has to be extremely loyal to the brand, and at the same time equally responsible enough to carry Brand ZEE's rich legacy ahead, and propagating it to the world outside.