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ZEE's CSR Approach:

ZEE has always believed in inclusive growth where every human being is treated equally and thus helps in the development of the society as a whole. ZEE is of the school of thought that 'you aren't successful if you haven't given back to what you have got from'. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy at ZEE propounds the belief that 'a business cannot succeed in a society that fails'.

While falling in line with this thought, ZEE feels that all business houses especially in developing countries like India should invest in the future by building society and environment thus lending a hand to the comeuppance of a bright, shining tomorrow.

About ZEE Care::

ZEE CARE is an apex body created to manage the CSR Activities across Zee Entertainment Enterprises limited.

Function of the body is to adopt and manage CSR activities at the company level and to create cross channel synergies to encourage adoption of CSR by different products.

Corporate Social Responsibility in ZEE's Ethos

Governance and Ethics: ZEE is committed to strong ethical practices at every level of its business with due respect and diligence to culture and values.
People: ZEE fosters a safe work place with policies, environment and culture that help its employees to flourish
Our Communities: ZEE constantly helps the communities which are around for a brighter future.

CSR Focus Areas :

ZEE has identified Education and Women Empowerment as the focus area under corporate social responsibility initiatives.


By collaborating with local communities and partner organization ZEE focuses to address literacy and Gender Equality in Education. This is a more sustainable program model, which could be extended to over 20 schools in 2014, which would approximately benefit 5000 children studying in rural government primary schools.

Girls Education:

ZEE has partnered with Room to Read, to support Girls Education in the district of Jodhpur. Through this program, ZEE will provide educational support to 100 Girls in higher secondary school along with Life skill trainings. We found only education support will not help a girl to succeed in her education, a girl needs key decision making skills to succeed in her life. This program teaches 30 key life skills competence to Girls in secondary school through a women mentor in community.

Women Empowerment:

The Women's Empowerment Program aims to organize women, build their capabilities, increase their confidence, and initiate income-generating projects for creating supplementary livelihood in the community.