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5 Steps to achieve Customer Satisfaction - Dr. Subhash Chandra

For any company, big or small, the ultimate goal is satisfying the end user - the customer. No wonder it is said - The customer is King and the customer is always right.

Satisfying the customer's needs is not restricted to after sales service or product feedback, but is ingrained at all levels of a product/service development cycle. Right from the time of positioning of a product or service idea, to its brand perception, to its conception and its delivery, the customer is always the central element to the entire cycle. So much so that a satisfied customer generates repeat business of the product thereby initiating customer retention and customer loyalty in the long run.

In the current cut-throat market scenario, the success' of any small, medium and big business relies on keeping the needs of the customer in mind whilst developing or innovating specific products and services catering to customers in niche markets.

Over 22 years, spanning across 169 countries and reaching more than 930+ million viewers stands testament to the fact of the success of a global media brand like ZEE, that believes in customer satisfaction taking precedence over other parameters of valuating a business' success.

ZEE’s core value system is embedded with a focus on the customer and customer satisfaction. Strategies are driven by the needs of the customers as customer delight is a strong belief at ZEE.

Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman - ZEE & Essel Group, in his continuing venture of educating and inspiring budding entrepreneurial talent of a leading business school in his show - Dr Subhash Chandra Show - shared his views and expertise on the topic of customer satisfaction.

Dr Subhash Chandra spoke about how to achieve success in a red ocean market scenario through Customer Satisfaction. He shared 5 important tips that would ensure a product is cutting edge and leads to customer satisfaction.

  1. Product Design - Create a clear differentiation in the product which can be the competitive advantage.
  2. Product Promise - Be clear and truthful in the promise you give your customers. Fulfil the commitment you make.
  3. Product Availability - Make the product readily and freely available for your customers so that they don't really have to make an effort to search for it.
  4. Value for money - Make your product "worth" the money paid by the customer.
  5. Give and take feedback - Be open to receive feedback from your customers and moreover give them feedback of the progress. Be brave enough to inform your customers your product’s edge over the competitor's product.

Following these steps will not only enable you to achieve customer satisfaction, but also help in becoming an advocate of your product and in the long run an "ambassador" of your brand. This would be the ideal and ultimate target for any business.

The Dr. Subhash Chandra Show is aired on Saturdays at 10 pm on Zee News and 7pm on Zee Business and on Sundays at 11 am on both Zee News & Zee Business.