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Are Aspirations good or bad? - Dr. Subhash Chandra

Everyone has aspirations. An aspiration is a desire or ambition for which one is motivated to work very hard. Be it to aspire something to better the personal life, professional life, or for the greater good. Once we achieve our aspirations and dreams, we welcome success and happiness. However, these aspirations can get the better of us and can turn into undesirable greed.

What is greed? How is it different from an aspiration or craving? Can greed be good? Are Aspirations good or bad?

In a recent episode of the Dr. Subhash Chandra Show, Chairman of Essel Group and ZEE, Dr. Subhash Chandra addressed a group of five hundred students of a renowned institute, and discussed about craving, greed and aspirations and whether they are good or bad. He also discussed the moment when aspirations turn into greed and to what extent aspiring for something is positive.

While quoting our ancestors, Dr. Chandra said that our legitimate aspirations should be fulfilled. He said, "Aspiring for good clothes, money, car or a better house is not bad. However, illegitimate aspirations are bad and can harm you eventually." Aspiring to achieve something among basic needs is a right. In today's era aspiring for money is not bad. However, Dr. Chandra warned that one should be able to control money and not let money control you.

Talking about greed, he further quoted Rabindranath Tagore and said, "Tagore has said that those who own much have to fear. They are perpetually afraid of losing whatever they have and that causes them further worry". Therefore one should be content with the comforts they have aspired and achieved. Harbouring aspirations for more will only invite unnecessary worry.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi, 'There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.' Truly, when one turns greedy, they tend to postpone their happiness by wanting more and never be satisfied.

Dr. Chandra also shared his aspirations and the experiences from the era prior to ZEE. At a time when none of the big names in media or otherwise thought much of India as a TV market, Dr. Chandra - then a simple businessman from Haryana - aspired to put India on the media & entertainment map. He expressed about the initial hurdles, challenges and roadblocks and how difficult it was to acquire rights to broadcast satellite television prior to October 1992 - the launch of Zee TV. Dr. Chandra pioneered India's first leisure park; the first electronic lottery company; the first direct-to-home operation; the first flexi-packaging unit in India- the list doesn't cease to end.

Now, ZEE aims and aspires to achieve '4.2 Billion Minutes of Content Consumption' & 'Create a Mobile led Entertainment Platform' by the year 2020 adhering to their vision of becoming a global media conglomerate.
Concluding this discussion he advised to aspire and not let illegitimate cravings or greed get in the way of our life.