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Importance of gratitude in Life - Dr Subhash Chandra

Think of all the people in your life, who have made you who you are. Can you recall how many people you have properly thanked?

In an episode of the Dr. Subhash Chandra Show, Chairman of Essel Group and ZEE, raised this very question while discussing about the importance of gratitude in life. He discussed this topic with the students of a premiere management institute.

First, let us understand the meaning of gratitude. Gratitude simply means to be thankful and/or show appreciation. But how can a simple 'thank you' make a huge difference? How can it help one in succeeding in a competitive workplace?

Dr Chandra pointed out that now-a-days we have forgotten the ingrained values of being thankful and grateful towards someone, let alone our parents and friends who have been instrumental in shaping our live to what it is now. He added that regular expression of gratitude can make our lives more beautiful.

Does showing gratitude help us succeed in life? What do we do when we succeed? Whom do we give the credit?

"When we succeed in life, we laud and credit ourselves for the success, but when we fail we blame others" said Dr. Subhash Chandra, pointing out to the lack of gratitude towards others when we achieves our goals. He further added, "Showing gratitude is also one of the steps towards being successful in life".

Showing gratitude is symbolic to a good leader. It is when you show heartfelt appreciation towards others, is when you make them feel good about them and endear them to you. They feel that their contribution made a difference and makes them all the more encouraged to help you the next time. "If I pay my gratitude for the good someone has done to me, they immediately feel happy" said Dr. Chandra, adding that gratitude is a two way street.

In fact, in a McKinsey study on motivating employees, 67 percent of employees indicated that praise from managers was the top motivator for performance, beating out other incentives, financial and otherwise. Thus, appreciation can bring out the best performance in someone when one takes out time to share a heart-felt gratitude.

As a special feature, Dr Subhash Chandra showcased his initiative 'ClubDSC' - a Club of individual who act as the change agents that the society is grateful to.

While on the topic, a viewer named Rajan from Bethia expressed his deepest gratitude to Dr Subhash Chandra on how he was motivated and inspired from watching an episode of The Dr Subhash Chandra show. He described how he admires Dr Chandra for his move to give back to the society.

In closing, Dr Subhash Chandra asked all present to express gratitude to at least one person in a day and one must regard life as a gift and have a positive input in life. And one must remember the adage - As you sow, so shall you reap.

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