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The role of faith in achieving success - Dr. Subhash Chandra

Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.
-Rabindranath Tagore

Daily we come across people, icons and experts coming from humble beginnings, who’ve made a mark in their respective industries. When we read about their success stories, we discover that faith has played a major role.

Then again, one can always raise some valid questions on faith.

What has faith got to do with achieving success? How does one keep their faith in this rational world? Can one achieve success only with faith? What role does faith play before venturing into a business or an entrepreneurial opportunity?

Firstly, one must not associate faith only with devotion to a higher power. Faith equals belief and certainty that we can achieve our goal. This kind of belief, confidence and determination strengthens the motivation to act upon and do things, and helps us maintain the positive attitude necessary for success.

Chairman of ZEE & Essel Group, Dr. Subhash Chandra, interacted with the students of a premier institute and shared his valuable thoughts on the role of faith and confidence in achieving success.

On encountering hurdles in life, we fail to overcome some of them. These failures repeatedly question the power of our faith and belief in our goals, dreams and then ultimately, us. But how does one overcome the fear and failure and restore back our faith?

Dr. Chandra answered this impending question - Firstly, you fail when you accept failure. He advised to never let our faith waiver even though circumstances tell us a different story, he also emphasized that we should never give up. Dr. Chandra further stated that ultimately, failure is the condiment that gives success its true flavour.

For budding entrepreneurs, Dr. Chandra said that if every employee of a company - right from the CEO to the entry level - believes in the dream of the company, they will succeed in making it come true. It is faith that bridges the gap between a dream and the reality.

When we meet with failure in life, it is human nature to start losing faith and slowly yet gradually, our positive thinking deteriorates into negative thinking. To combat this, Dr. Subhash Chandra recommended that thinking positively on a daily basis helps keep our faith intact and also helps us in achieving our goals. Thereby, with positivity, we find strength in the storms of life.

"In life, what does one do when others do not have the same faith in us?"-  asked a student from the audience. It is at these times, Dr. Chandra advised to have the faith of gaining faith from others. He continued by saying, that it's only when we have the faith and conviction in our self and our ideas, that we'll be able to convince others. After all, without faith, success is just an illusion and with faith nothing is impossible.

In the end, Dr. Chandra concluded the show by saying that having faith is important, but faith alone is not enough for achieving success. One also needs willpower, discipline and persistence.

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