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True Success and how to handle it - Dr. Subhash Chandra

Achieving success is the ultimate goal in everyone's lives. Be it personal success or professional success. When an individual takes control of their life, they succeed. Yet there are those who struggle through life and still don't get anywhere close to achieving success. Why?

Let us first understand what success is. Are there any barriers to achieving success? And more importantly, what is true success and how to handle it wisely?

In a recent episode of the Dr. Subhash Chandra Show, Chairman of Essel Group and ZEE, Dr. Subhash Chandra addressed a group of 500 students of a renowned management institute, giving them tips on How to Handle Success.

Dr. Chandra asked the students what success means to them. He discussed that success may mean differently to different people; but it is important to note that the meaning of success should not be limited to amassing wealth or receiving recognition. In fact there is a much broader perspective to success.

"Successful person is one who lays a strong foundation with the bricks which have been thrown at them. That is true success" explained Dr. Chandra.

Dr. Chandra regarded self-confidence and fearlessness as the key ingredients in the recipe for achieving true success. And once we taste true success, we develop an insatiable appetite to achieve this success.

No longer than forty-eight years ago, a boy of seventeen, displayed this insatiable appetite for success along with grit and determination. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that's how Dr. Chandra in 1976 transformed a small firm into a Global Group that is a shining symbol of creativity and power of entrepreneurship.

True success is not served in a platter, neither it is easy to achieve. It can be accosted with barriers and roadblocks. "When one overcomes the various barriers - namely laziness, lack of effort and dedication and ego - the path to achieving success is not far", explained Dr. Chandra.

What if we follow the right path, give our 100% to our goal, overcome all barriers but still don't taste success? Do we blame our luck?

"After giving you 100% to attain your goal, even if you've not succeeded, you're still a successful person, according to my thinking" said Dr. Chandra regarding the luck factor as insignificant, and sincere hard work as a significant factor.

The road to success is paved with some failures and a few disappointments and they may affect the levels of self-confidence. Hence, it is important to learn from those failures and move ahead. Thinking about the past creates regrets and worrying about the future generates anxieties so Dr. Chandra advised the students to live in the present.

Though achieving success does make one humble, one must not turn greedy. With this, Dr. Subhash Chandra concluded the session by saying, "Be humble. Remember, success is not a destination, it is a journey." And one must remember that all the secrets to success will not work unless we do!