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We're Passionate, Global & a Great Place to Work!

For any company, the workforce powers the company's growth engine. At ZEE, this is no different as we consciously invest in our team, moreover, our global family. Our global family starts with our very own people, who live our passion to touch the world every single day.

Having a global team of more than 2200, we engage our employees with our philosophy - SAMWAD. Through SAMWAD, our Chairman Dr. Subhash Chandra believes in the need to improvise, experiment and innovate as conventional wisdom isn't always the answer. Its larger goal is to ensure prosperity at a micro and a macro level; of the individual and of the company.

ZEE's employees of high calibre and intelligence have taken up challenges over so many years and have found the perfect support at work to accomplish and place themselves and the company right at the top. Such calibre has powered ZEE to embark on its journey to be among the Top 100 'Best Places to Work'. Also, it brings us immense pride to be listed as 'The Best Company to work for in the Indian M&E Industry' (as per a study conducted by Great Places To Work).

A stimulating work environment requires a well-trained team and at ZEE, we believe in formal training, Last year we devoted 1727 person days in team training - providing on-the-job experience and developing core talents. Our team is entrusted with new projects or positions across the company. Recently we've launched the ZEE talent management programme to create a pool of future leaders, elevating the organization and our employees to higher orbits of success. ZEE's current Trust Index score - an annual employee survey that measures employee opinions, perceptions on the level of trust between management and the employees - has increased to 74% in the current year from 65% in the previous year.

At ZEE, we consciously work towards internal mobility, ensuring cultural continuity and knowledge dissemination. Such an approach complements and facilitates the nurture of local talent across multiple geographies. At ZEE, we embrace the richness of cultural, academic and experiential diversity by creating an inclusive environment for more than 12 different nationalities of people working with us and in due process of widening our global operations. ZEE benefits from freely allowing this diversity to foster the growth of knowledge and the applicability of new ideas. Harbouring respect and mutual admiration for similarities and embracing differences alike is the mantra of perfect synchrony at ZEE.

Year on year we conduct hiring across campuses, last year we visited 12 campuses and hired 46 Management Trainees across functions and as a part of induction, our Chairman, Dr. Subhash Chandra spent his valuable time with the newly inducted Management Trainees understanding their backgrounds and aspirations, as well as communicated the  Company's Vision.

With ZEE's success story, lies the success of our employees. Students in the past who have begun their career as Management Trainees with us have now grown to become Business Heads or have attained senior position in the organisation. One of many such stories to showcase is the exponential career growth of Bhavin Gandecha. Bhavin joined us in 2006 as a Management Trainee, and steadfastly has grown to a role of Product Head for OTT platform Ditto TV.  Over the years, with his consistent performance and dedication towards his work, he has now moved to a new role in the ZEE United States office as Product Strategy and Head for New Media Platforms. Another exemplary career rise at ZEE is of Sharlton Menezes who joined us as Management Trainee in 2008. With sheer diligence and focus in his work over the years, Sharlton has risen to Head - Marketing and Programming for the English Cluster at ZEE.

ZEE provides lateral and horizontal growth opportunities to all its employees, including international postings to deserving and competent candidates. With the fast expanding profile of ZEE's various multi-functional businesses, there is more scope for our team to take up various Indian and International level assignments.

The ZEE global family has a multi-cultural work environment that accelerates cross-pollination of ideas to make the entertainment universe richer and more varied. ZEE believes in excellence and offers a plethora of opportunities to all its employees, from the beginning of their careers and continues to consciously invest in them at every stage so that new leaders emerge to take the organisation to its uppermost echelon.