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The recruitment policy at ZEE does not just aim at placing the right mind at the right place for the right job. It takes a lot of care to see that the employees are happy and satisfied so that the organisation can have a long and enduring relationship with them and thus make them feel like a part of the family. This in turn, brings out the best in them. The flatness of the hierarchical structure of ZEE forms a base for cross-functional teams to work together regularly thus developing coherence and communication. A panel of senior colleagues oversees recruitments so that rational decisions can be taken and so that all biases are obviated.

1. Campus Hiring:

Every industry has its own aspirational brands that every youngster wants to work with. An ideal culmination of his dreams happens with landing a job with these companies. The Zee network has been one such sought after organization for years!

In sync with being the best in the industry, ZEE prioritises its selection of students by virtue of going to the best campuses in the country and picking up only the brightest minds. The very fact that these young recruits bring in fresh perspective, constructive criticism and novel ideas, is something that ZEE stands to gain from.

ZEE employs MBA graduates from premier B-Schools in the country as management trainees across various functions and work areas. These students are expected to perform under these various domains sometimes even cross-function across streams and departments for a year as an integral part of their training. This on-the-job training is expected to give them a feeler of real time work functions and pressures and also impart valuable experiential learnings. On the assessment of their contribution at the end of a successful management training programme, these trainees are confirmed as executives in their respective fields of work.

2. Experienced Professionals:

ZEE's richness of human resource stems from the body of work and the sincerity in portraying the same. ZEE hand picks professionals from the media industry for junior, middle and senior management positions. Some absolutely critical criteria for these candidates are as follows:

Mass communication / any management background (CA/LLB, etc) Considerable exposure in their areas of expertise like programming, direction, promo direction, operations along with a proven track record of excellence.

3. Internal Job Professionals:

An external recruitment happens only if there is no internal response to the advertised vacancy.