ZEE Entertainment

Meet Our People


Cultural, academic and experiential diversity imparts enormous richness to ZEE. On the same coin, ZEE benefits from freely allowing this diversity to foster the growth of knowledge and the applicability of new ideas. People at ZEE are the true assets. Harbouring respect and mutual admiration for similarities and differences alike is the mantra of perfect synchrony at ZEE. Embracing differences is an integral part of ZEE's culture. A key element of success here is creating and maintaining an inclusive environment.

The work environment at ZEE is stimulating. Formal training, on the job experience and developing core competencies are stepping stones to corporate excellence at ZEE. Individuals of high calibre and intelligence have taken up challenges over so many years and have found the perfect supporting foil at work to accomplish them and place ZEE right at the top. There is enough scope and more to take up assignments at both Indian and international levels because of the fast expanding profile of ZEE's various businesses. These multi-dimensional businesses are looked after by a resource base of cross-functional managers with diverse portfolios which entail immense responsibilities.

To intensify the culture of excellence and inculcate a sense of ownership, ZEE has introduced a stock option plan for our employees who reach a desired level of performance.

To boost this harmonious exchange of intellect and experience, the Chairman of ZEE, Subhash Chandra initiated SAMWAD. SAMWAD is concurrent with 'conversation', 'interlocution', 'news information', 'message' and 'dialogue'.

The Chairman's views on SAMWAD are as follows:

Conventional wisdom isn't always the right answer. There is the need to improvise, experiment and innovate. In a lot of companies, this conservative approach is deeply embedded in the system and it becomes very difficult to question precedent and tradition. SAMWAD is a facilitating agent to re-engineering our way of working on profitable terms.

There is a change that is imminent with the regards to the way we think, react and decide. Our way forward is with altering the way we treat and deploy our key assets (material, human, intellect). This collectively will result in achieving excellence across our group companies. For this change to bear fruition, a paradigm shift in the way we look at life has to occur. SAMWAD provides a platform to arrive at a shared vision towards managing ourselves. SAMWAD will enable the work environment to be stress-free and good-work worthy. The larger goal of this effort is to almost ensure the prosperity of individuals alongside the prosperity of the company. In short, SAMWAD is en employee engagement initiative.