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Working at Zee



The induction of these new recruits is so detailed and methodical; it almost imbibes the values of being a thorough professional even with finding feet in the vastness of the organisation. Right from settling an employee to providing on-the-job-training.


ZEE is all about its people. At ZEE, human capital is considered the ultimate asset that yields the growth of the organisation. In order to imbibe and reinforce values that drive the business, ZEE conducts training programmes of different kinds. Training, as believed at ZEE, isn't a function of time. ZEE believes consolidating on strengths. Associates are trained on the basis are the strength profile they have. Depending on the strength profile associates' training needs are identified and they are sent for training programmes or these programmes are arranged in-house. This is followed by monitoring the performance of these employees on the job to test the efficacy of the training module.

ZEE also believes in the power of internal leadership. This trait of the employees often arms them with taking initiatives and risk-taking ability. As this sense of security can only come from a sound idea of the entire business model of ZEE across sectors, ZEE often encourages long-term general management education for its employees. Employees holding eminent positions and high responsibility portfolios are often sent abroad to institutes like Harvard and Wharton for Managerial Development Programmes. Entertainment and Media Management Institute in University of California at Los Angeles.

ZEE has culture of Ideation. Series of Ideation workshops are conducted on regular basis to design, develop and produce the best possible content to entertain and delight viewers.

Performance Management

ZEE has a strong vertically and horizontally aligned KRA based performance Management System. ZEE facilitates the cross-functional and/or hierarchical progression of people based on their performance and strengths profile. In the event of an incumbency created across the various lines of businesses, ZEE advertises the vacancy internally. The rate of growth at ZEE can be as rapid as a management trainee graduating to the level of Executive Vice President in a span of 12 - 15 years.


Optimisation of available skill and ability is a preferred course of action at ZEE. Hence all available vacancies are first advertised to Strategic Business Units (SBUs) within the ZEE umbrella. All SBUs follow a similar pattern of hierarchy and remuneration so that no business is preferred for the wrong reasons and so that retention of employees in their own departments is higher. Every employee at ZEE knows his/ her role thoroughly. Speed and transparency are the hallmarks of employee care post recruitment at ZEE.

Overseas Opportunities

ZEE's global presence has always provided employees keen and capable of handling overseas duties, a chance to explore new lands, widen their horizons and extend their network. Employees from different work functions like operations, creative, distribution, finance and marketing have already got opportunities to be global 'Zee-tizens'. ZEE has offices in the UK, the USA, South Africa, Singapore and the Middle East.


ZEE matches all industry standards with regards to benchmarking compensation packages for all employees. The grades, designations and salaries are rationalised commensurate to employees' qualification and relevant experience.