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A Superhit Moment - 100000 likes in Facebook for Zee Bangla Cinema

Zee Bangla Cinema: Cinema gives us countless inspirations and influences. To common people cinema is something, which makes them feel special when they relate to the storyline and find parallels with their own lives.

Zee Bangla Cinema has become immensely popular with the bengali audience which has got reflected through our Facebook page as it achieved more than 1 lakh likes.

The various user engagement programmes conducted by Zee Bangla Cinema through Facebook and television channel got the appreciation of countless television audiences and social media followers. Over the time, Zee Bangla Cinema has also tried to make the lives of common people special and superhit by making them interact with their favourite movie stars, providing contest winners with film passes, cash prizes, restaurant vouchers and various other forms of gratification.

The fact and figure proved that Zee Bangla Cinema has got a special place in the minds of the people of Bengal.