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Aapla Talkies, Zee Talkies a new promise…a new beginning

Zee Talkies was launched with the sole objective of creating meaningful cinema and taking it to the nooks and corners of the state. It is the pioneer in the 24 hour film entertainment in Marathi. This is the first channel of its kind that not just broadcasts quality cinema but also provides financial assistance to film makers who want to do their bit for the Marathi film industry. In the last three years Zee Talkies has presented a diverse repertoire of films. It gave us critically acclaimed films like 'Shwas', 'Natrang', 'Me Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy' and 'Harishandrachi Factory'. It also gave us wholesome entertainers like ‘Navri Mile Navryala', Jatra', 'Aga Bai Arechcha', 'Navra Majha Navsacha', 'Sawarkhed Ek Gaaw', 'Bindhast' and 'Check Mate'. Zee Talkies has always strived to bridge the past and the future. As a welcome gesture to today’s youth it has popularized films like 'De Dhakka', 'Saade Maade Teen’ and 'Check Mate' and as a tribute to the glorious past it has also aired films produced by the yester year studios like 'Jayprabha', 'Prabhat' and 'Rajkamal' - the Talkies way of reliving the black and white nostalgia. Zee Talkies didn't stop at telecasting quality films. It also produced its own films as a small but significant contribution to the industry.

The Marathi film industry canvas has expanded in the last three years. The kind of films that are getting made is getting more and more diverse. And the audience is ever evolving. Zee Talkies is changing too, keeping in line with the changing needs of the audiences and the film environment.

Watching a film is an experience in itself. It's never just the film; it's also about the environment in which it is watched. Zee Talkies promises to enrich the film viewing experience of its audiences, as it enters its fourth year. A host of films and film related programmes are lined up. Box Office, Superstar Shanivar, Wajle ki Baara, Apsara Aali to name a few. All these shows will aim to enhance the overall viewing experience.
Superstar Shanivar will showcase films of the prominent stars of our times. From Ashok Saraf to Siddharth Jadhav, this show will bring the stars to your doorstep.  Not just their films but their experiences while shooting for it, some anecdotes, and some special memories; all with an intention of enriching the viewing experience.

As part of the repositioning initiative, several new brands have been created. They are as under:

1. Superstar Shanivaar - Sat 18.30 hrs
2. Talkies Premiere - 3rd Sunday of every Month @ 1200 hrs
3. Blockbuster Ravivaar - Every Sunday @ 1200 (except 3rd Sunday of the month)
4. Apsara Aali - Fridays @ 2130 hrs
5. Wajale Ki Baara - Mon -Fri @ 1200 hrs
6. Sunday Dhamaka - Sun @ 1830 hrs

New programs include:

1. Hat Tichya Maayla - Mon-Sat @ 0800 hrs
2. Waa Kai Song Aahe - Mon - Sat @ 0830 hrs
3. Bol Bachchan - Sun @ 1100 hrs (starts from Dec)
4. Bhopu Bajao - Sun @ 1130 hrs

Zee Talkies has always prided itself on its collection of films. And the library keeps on expanding. It now has over 450 films in its kitty.

The effort has always been to strengthen the bond that Talkies shares with its audiences. The journey began with 'us' but now it is about 'you'. From 'Maharashtracha Mahacinema' to 'Aapla Talkies Zee Talkies', has been a very fruitful experience, hoping that the bond only grows stronger with time.