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Zee Bangla - DADAGIRI Unlimited Season III

It all started in 2009, when a word, used by hundreds of thousands of Bengalis, was given a whole new dimension. 'Dadagiri' was born and soon, people from all across Bengal took notice. It wasn't long before they were hooked to the show. Dadagiri changed the television behavioural pattern of Bengal and is undoubtedly "The Super hit Reality Show of Bengal".

The show revolved around the participants and catapulted them into being a hero. The show brought out 'THE DADA' in common man pushing him to recognize his own worth.

A realty show involving grey matter. A mix of tricky and intellectual array of questions, brain storming puzzles, riddles and quiz, witty replies,  presence of mind, lots of humour and a dashing doze of attitude is what the beloved show DADAGIRI is to its audience….And  to bring this excitement back on television  Dadagiri is back once again but with a few evolved changes…. Dadagiri drew in massive crowds from nineteen districts all over Bengal for the auditions with over 100000 people turning up and around 10000 more via online registrations.

Starting October 20th, 2011, 9.30 pm onwards, only on Zee Bangla…Dadagiri will once again all set to get you hooked on to the screen.

Bengal stands ready to face Dadagiri once again, are you?