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Zee Bangla launches 'Didi No. 1'

About Didi No 1
•         A strong ground connect game show format with women participation, crowning of episodic winner every Monday to Saturday, 5:30 pm onwards
•         The game show consists of various rounds e.g. household quiz, best bargain, time driven tasks, guess the price of a household product, etc
•         The game show travels on ground spread across various places in all 19 districts of West Bengal, Kolkata
•         The show targets primarily housewives participation
The format of the show is mentioned below:
Show format:
Mon - Sat            
 1.  Every episode in different places from different districts
 2. 10 participants in each episode
 3. Top scorer of the week will directly get into the grand finale  
 4. After every three months (subject to change) all the top scorers will play in the grand finale and winners will be declared
'Bangla Didi No. 1'
Episodic format:
Round 1: Ten boudis (Bengali married women) will play an activity round. Top 6 who finish the task given in the minimum possible time get into the next round
Round 2: Household quiz questions will be asked to participants. Top 3 scorers will get into the final round
Round 3: The final round is ‘Guessing the Price Round’ where participants will be asked prices of household products. The one who acquires more points and in all scores highest score becomes Didi No. 1.