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Zee Bangla Launches 'Kache Aye Shoi' From 29th April 2013 Every Mon to Sat - 8 PM

From the producer and maker of successful shows like Tapur Tupur, Aanchal and Bhalobasha.Com on Star Jalsa, Sholo Ana on ETV and Bindi on Sananda TV comes this new mega serial plot "KAACHE AYE SHOI".

This is the first project of Mr. Snehasish Chakraborty, the director and writer of Kache Aye Shoi with Zee Bangla.

The story of Kache Aye Shoi revolves around the life of Shoi, who is born and brought up in the coalmine region of West Bengal. Kache Aye Shoi starts with the story of a man who is a coalminer and how he gets subjected to work politics and gets murdered on the very night when his wife gives birth to a daughter and dies leaving their newborn girl all alone in this selfish world. This girl is Shoi.

From the very beginning of Shoi's life she only gets the wrath from the whole world, Shoi gets tagged as an unholy child. No one ever nurses her pain thus she grew up much earlier than any other girl of her age, very soon Shoi realizes the basic need of mankind. Shoi does a lot of hardship to meet her needs she works as a sweeper in a local school in the middle of which she tries to learn what is been taught in the school and educates herself. After all these hardships Shoi still nurtures a dream of a happy family and like all other girls she dreams of her prince charming, she knows who she wants as her soul mate and thinks of her life with that boy.

Shoi is not a quitter but a doer, no matter what. Shoi makes her own dreams and works hard to achieve them.

Will Shoi be successful in giving the coalminers a better life? Will Shoi make sure that no other daughter loses her father the way she did? Will Shoi be able to make her dream come true?

To know more watch Kache Aye Shoi from the 29th April 2013 every Mon to Sat at 8 PM only on Zee Bangla.