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Zee Bangla presents 'Bikeley Bhorer Phool', an Unconventional Love Story

Zee Bangla has been churning out beyond-ordinary concepts one after the other to cater to its vast viewership, keeping in mind that viewers look forward to good and interesting content to watch with their entire family. In 2017, we are once again looking to set a trend with a variety of content.

An unconventional romance blooms in Zee Bangla's forthcoming show - 'Bikeley Bhorer Phool'.

The saying goes - "When two souls are meant for each other, they will find a way to meet, however different they are." Love is indeed the acceptance of difference not the search for similarities and more the difference, steadier the relationship.

When Maina, a high-spirited, fun-loving, mischievous, unruly, pampered village belle meets a city-bred, serious, no-nonsense, middle-aged, mellow Doctor, Subhankar, there is a war of words, thoughts and outlook towards life. Subhankar's disciplined character and thought process is obliterated right away by the simple facts of life as derived by Maina.

They say marriages are made in heaven. On earth, society's set rules of discrimination of age, caste, creed, background take a back seat in 'Bikeley Bhorer Phool' where two diametrically opposite persons refuse to give up on each other and embark on a divine journey of marriage.

The characters are extremely relatable to and to add to the flavour, the innocence of 'gram Bangla' mingled with the idiosyncrasies of the urban Bengal gives it a wider spectrum.

Get ready to join this unconventional love story that will premiere on 27th Feb at 9:00 PM and air every Monday-Saturday, only on Zee Bangla & Zee Bangla HD.