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Zee Bangla presents its new fiction show - 'Chhadmabeshi'

Zee Bangla has always been a pioneer and leader in delivering concepts across different genres including Action, Drama, Comedy and Fiction. The Action-Drama genre has continued to be Zee Bangla's forte since the time of 'Erao Shotru', one of the longest running shows of this genre. Zee Bangla once again sets out to recreate this magic with yet another blockbuster - 'Chhadmabeshi'.

The strategic move of introducing the 9.30pm time band with 'Chhadmabeshi' has changed the flavor for audiences this February, as the world sets out to celebrate yet another Valentine's Day. The move also increases the original programming time by moving Non Fiction to 10 pm, with the unique intention of satisfying viewers, both urban & rural, male & female, with extended entertainment.

A Peep into Chhadmabeshi:

An adventure packed, romantic thriller with a lavish amount of family drama makes Zee Bangla's forthcoming show one-of-its-kind.

Its intriguing cast includes:

AMIT: a fearless IPS officer; a workaholic for whom duty comes first with no time for family and friends and who gets shot while on duty.

LABANYA: a perfect wife; beautiful, well settled yet her life is incomplete as she is deprived of love.

SUNDARLAL: A happy-go-lucky, brave and honest adventure-seeking tour guide from Lucknow, who is bestowed with a strange task.

'Chhadmabeshi' is about deceit, love, discovery and introspection. It curves an arc that not only keeps the audience at the edge of their seats but is emotionally rich too.

Shot in Kolkata and in the 'gallis' of Lucknow, the fight sequences have been designed and choreographed by professional Fight masters from the South Indian film industry. The promo has been shot by the internal team in a very brilliant way.

Coming to you, on February 13th at 9:30 pm, Monday-Saturday, only on Zee Bangla & Zee Bangla HD.