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Zee Entertainment Enterprise LLC launches a new Arabic channel 'Zee Alwan'

Zee Entertainment Enterprise LLC, the largest Asian television networks in the world, today launched a new Arabic channel, Zee Alwan, with a unique content aimed at Arab family audiences, including a diverse choice of Arabic serials and hugely popular Indian TV serials dubbed in Arabic.

Zee Alwan marks the first time that some of India's most popular television serials are brought to the Middle East in Arabic. The move builds on the growing popularity of Bollywood in the Arab world as well as the strong and historic cultural links between the Arab world and India, with the Indian family serials set to appeal to Arabic audiences.

Zee Alwan will be set apart for its diverse programming, which not only includes dubbed Indian serials but also popular shows on cookery, health and fitness, and travel features, among others. A number of Arabic serials, produced and set in the Arab world, will also be aired.

Mukund Cairae, CEO - Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, Zee Entertainment Enterprise LLC, said: "With Zee Alwan, we are delighted to offer our audiences in the Arab world a dedicated channel that presents popular Indian serials dubbed in Arabic, and tailored for Arabic family audiences. The cultural context outlined in these popular serials will resonate with Arabic audiences as they are essentially about human values, family bonding, friendships and relationships. The historic ties between the Arab world and India will further enable Arabic audiences to relate to the serials."

“We have already established its strong footprint in the Arab world through Zee Aflam, a channel dedicated to Bollywood films, dubbed or with subtitles in Arabic. Today, we are regarded as the 'Gateway to Bollywood for the Arab world' and with Zee Alwan we are moving to the next level in engaging Arabic family audiences with television serials and other lifestyle content, in addition to a strong bouquet of local programming.”

"Zee Alwan completes the mission that Zee Aflam started by offering the full range of Indian content for the entire Arabic family. The programmes respect the sensitivities of the Arab audiences, especially the women, and will have dedicated programming that will appeal to them."

"To ensure more Arabic flavour on Zee Alwan, there will be Arab female anchors to present the shows, provide a recap on the earlier episodes and give hints about the story to unfold. Other variety entertainment programmes like cooking, travel, health and beauty will be added to the channel's daily grid, adding more dimension and flavour to the overall content."

Zee Alwan will be transmitted from Dubai, with an operational office in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Viewers can receive the channel through frequency 12417 on Nilesat and 12111 Arabsat.