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Zee Marathi presents - Pinjara, the lives and reality of Tamasha and Lavni artists on small screen

In our regular city lives, we hardly know about our traditional cultures, art forms and artists. But it’s a well accepted fact that our roots of traditional arts still belong to the villages. But we are not aware that even today these art forms have enormous effect in the lives of many villagers.

Zee Marathi, a leading Marathi Entertainment Channel is all set to bring its latest fictional show, Pinjara, on the similar note. Pinjara (the cage) is a story of Anandi, a girl who is part of a lavani group (a traditional Maharashtrian dance form) and aspires to dance one day on a live stage in front of people. She has grown up by watching the Tamashas all her life and dance is in her blood.

The story is based in Manikpur. Another major part of a story involves two influential families from Manikpur i.e. Shelar and Waghmare family. Shelar family is headed by Akka, the wife of late Navnath Shelar and entire Manikpur has huge respect for her word. But on the other side Tatyarao Waghmare, head of a Waghmare family, is not ready to accept the fact about Akka’s hold over villagers.

To increase his popularity among villagers, Tatyarao Waghmare organizes a Tamasha in Manikpur but Akka is totally against this idea. Still the group comes to Manikpur and Anandi is a part of it. And from this moment, the lives of both the families and Anandi changes forever. Also Anandi has a mysterious past which none of the Tamasha member know about.

Pinjara is a concept by Rakesh Sarang, a well known Television producer and it is produced by his Company Camps Club. Sankruti Balgude, who is playing a central character in Pinjara, will make her debut with this serial. Apart from Sanskruti, many experienced actors from Marathi entertainment like Girish Oak, Sumukhi Pendse, Purnima Manohar, Supriya Pathare, and Sunil Tawade are playing vital roles in Pinjara. Also, Bhargavi Chirmule, a well known actress from Marathi films and television is doing a special cameo in Pinjara. We also have Atul Todankar, a popular versatile actor and winner of Zee Marathi's reality show Airtel Fu Bai Fu, is coming in a very different and surprising role.

Tamasha or Lavni is a traditional art form of Maharashtra. It is closely associated with the rich Marathi culture and has tremoundous admiration within cultural and art circles. Pinjara is the first effort to reveal the lives and reality of Tamasha and Lavni artists on small screen.   

Pinjara will launch on 17th January 2011, every Monday to Saturday at 9.00 pm; only on Zee Marathi.