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Zee Tamizh's program Solvathellam Unmai helps solve a triple murder mystery

Parkavi (17) and Satish Kumar (21) fall in love and elope from a little hamlet in Villipuram, close to Chennai. After a month and gaining some confidence they approach Zee Tamizh wanting to unfold their story in the program - Solvathellam Unmai (Whatever said is the truth). The channel after investigations, admit them for the show.

What started as a simple love story and the young couple wanting to be reunited with their respective families suddenly takes a totally different route. In the course of the shoot Parkavi unfolds some very shocking facts. She accuses her father of trying to sexually exploit her. As the drama unfolds another highly shocking fact is accidentally revealed. Parkavi in the heat of the moment accuses her father E. Murugan, mother Rajeswari along with a friend Murthy of murdering 3 people namely Lavanya, Silamberasam and Shekhar 4 years ago.

The program was telecast on 28th May and 29th May of 2012 on Zee Tamizh, the links to the same has been mentioned below. The police after seeing the program filed an FIR on the 1st of June 2012. The Villipuram police inspector came to the channel and informed that this was the case wherein 3 people were gone missing since 4 years and asked for Zee Tamizh's cooperation in the investigation further.

Reporters from Solvathellam Unmai along with Police officials and the young couple went to Villipuram to further investigate the case. On the 2nd day of investigation the police stumbled on the remains of the people presumed to have been murdered. Based on this, Murugan's wife Rajeshwari was arrested and the police were confident on arresting Murugan within next 2 days. Meanwhile forensic investigation is being conducted and the police have openly thanked Zee Tamizh and the Solvathellam Unmai team for having helped to solve this sensational triple murder crime.

All the leading news papers and channels, local and national, including FM Stations have covered this sensational murder case. This program has been on air since August 2011 and has had many interesting and touching stories solving many issues touching the common man.

About Solvathellam Unmai

Sollavethellam Unmai is a fiery talk show anchored by the popular anchor and media personality Nirmala Periyasami. The show deals with inter personal problems, real life stories, family courts, stories of miracles, social issues and more. Most unsolved problems get solved.

Be it a case of a drunken husband who has forsaken his family, a thug who is now a good Samaritan, run away brides, man with four wives-not known to each other, families that have separated for over a decade and reunited on the show, a hockey ground where famous players Dhyan Chand ,Dhanraj Pillai and the likes started their career and now usurped by local thugs and sold to a construction company , was handed back to the players after the issue was discussed on the show and at  the intervention of the CM  to whose attention the issue was brought to and many other  interesting issues related  to the day to day life of the common man.

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