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Zee Telugu launches new show 'Sri Raghavendra Swami Mahatyam'

Every birth on earth is for a purpose and when that being realizes the purpose, gives up the earthly ways to fulfill the purpose, for the love of God, then that being is called a Saint, this Diwali Zee Telugu brings to you an all new and saintly series on the life of Sri Raghavendra Swami Mahatyam.

Sri Raghavendra - A devotee of Lord Vishnu, was born as Venkatanathan in his fourth birth on earth. He was made to be born on earth, for a purpose.

The reason for Ragavendra's birth on earth, birth of Venkatanathan, the reason behind his name, prophecy of a saint about Venkatanathan, the childhood days of Venkatanathan, Venkatanathan's marriage, Venkatanathan realizes his Calling, the beginning of Sainthood, the miracles, the pilgrimage, till his death will be covered.

Zee Telugu Business Head G. Anuradha is very happy to announce the new show "devotional and religious shows have been our forte we have been doing exceptionally well in this genre and Sri Raghavendra Mahatyam will be like another feather in our cap"
The episodes will also talk about the evidences of his life on earth, a trip to his mutt and the places where he has been on earth.

After all, Sainthood is an example of how to live on earth. Join us on this pilgrimage