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Zee Telugu launches - Radha Kalyanam, Mega Daily Serial

As it is very commonly said life always has something in store for everybody. So is the story of Radha and Keerthi. One has only dreams of a comfortable life where as the other lives the dream of many girls. It is a very simple story of two girls who have big dreams and aspirations but as time passes how life treats the two is the crux of the story.
Radha is a poor village girl. Innocence and simplicity are her assets. She dreams of getting educated and earning a better livelihood for her family and tries to share her parent’s burden. Radha’s mother is helpless as she falls ill hence, Radha has to work and get some money home. Whereas, her father without caring for her emotions, thoughts and aspirations, looks at her as a liability and want to get her married as early as possible. She is eyed as a golden goose by her father as he thinks that she might fetch him good revenues. On the other hand Keerthi is blessed one with all comforts and happiness in life. She is born with silver spoon and has all that she wants in life.  
How the two opposites from different paths will meet? Will Radha’s dreams come true? What does fate have in store for the two? Are the decisions taken by their parents for them correct? To know answers for all these questions watch the Mega Daily Serial Radha Kalyanam.
Zee Telugu Business head G.Anuradha said: “Radha Kalyanam - simple tale with extraordinary situations and emotions that are appealing to all cross sections of society. Keeping many such emotions in mind just likes Pasupu Kumkuma and Chinna Kodalu, Radha kalyanam is also an added asset to our fiction bank.”
Telugu comedy superstar Allari Naresh said “It’s really amazing to see Zee Telugu adopting such good serials now-a-days and being a mirror image to our society. I’m sure Radha Kalyanam will be another milestone on the path of success.”  
Former Telugu star and actress Roja said “With succession of serials, Zee Telugu has revolutionized the television program patterns.” Former Movie star Murali Mohan said “Human values and emotions are captured very aptly in all serials on Zee Telugu. Radha Kalyanam reflects the same”.  
With shows like Chinna Kodalu and Pasupu Kumkuma, Zee Telugu has come close to the Telugu female audiences and now brings you yet another show Radha Kalyanam to add to the wholesome entertainment fiction package.