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Zee TV continues to be the No. 1 South Asian channel in South Africa

As per the latest AMPS data released for the period between July 09 - June 10, leading Hindi GEC, Zee TV garnered the highest viewership of 106000 for past 7 days viewership across all South Asian channels in South Africa, securing the number 1 position for themselves, in the period between July 09’ and June 10’ as per the latest AMPs 2010 A data (AMPs stands for All Media Product Survey and is conducted by South African Advertising Research Foundation). This is a 26% growth over the last AMPs 2009 B data. The channel is also viewed by other races apart from the South Asians given the popularity of the brand. Zee TV was launched in the Africas region on 1st of April, 1996 and since then, it has won the hearts of South Asians and foreigners alike.

Mr. Bharat Ranga, COO - Zee International ZEEL, said, “Having been global leaders, it comes as no surprise that we have been ranked No. 1 in South Africa. I am confident that we will continue to rule the roost given the immense support that we get from South Asians all over the world.”

It was found that the Zee audience is skewed towards affluent people, with (Living Standard Measures) LSM 9+