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Zee TV presents 'Apno ke liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh'

With winter around the corner and day's being shorter, it is Zee TV's endeavor to engage families to gather in front of the television screens and enjoy some prolific content. With an aim to further expand its primetime slot, Zee TV will now give an extra doze of entertainment to its viewers who especially like to enjoy their 'chai time'. With growing viewership in metros and non metros and differentiated concepts taking centre stage across Hindi GEC's in India, Zee TV goes a step further to create an early primetime slot and extend its original programming to start from 6 pm every weekday. One of the shows in this slot is Apno ke liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh that will launch on 6 December 2010 at 6:30 pm.

The story revolves around Geeta who stands up to protect her loved ones who become victims of Section 498A - a power granted to women by the Indian Government for their protection. This is a Right given to Indian women to use if they are being ill treated in any manner by their in-laws.  The use and abuse of this Right forms the premise of Apno ke Liye Geeta ka Dharmyudh.

Making Geeta come alive on screen is none other than Sargun Mehta who has earlier also won hearts with her engaging portrayal of Neetu in Zee TV's 12/ 24 Karol Bagh. The lady responsible in creating havoc is the woman we will love to hate - the very popular and talented actress, Urvashi Dholakia. The cast also includes popular actors like Kanan Malhotra, Garima Ajmani and Nikhil Chaddha. Having produced shows like 'Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai', 'Ranbir Rano' and 'Mamta' for Zee TV, Shreya Creations is the content producer for 'Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmyudh'.  

To know if Geeta will be able to free her family from unjust and unfair trails, tune into 'Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmyudh'.