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Spanning 5 continents, ZEEL reaches out to more than 1 billion viewers in more than 171 countries. The South Asian diaspora is spread across the length and breadth of the world and is of relevance in most countries both financially and culturally. In the UK and the US, South Asians form one of the most respected and professionally accomplished communities. In other parts of the world like Africa and Hong Kong, they are among the wealthiest sections of society.

South Asians have a strong sense of attachment with their roots and origins. This manifests itself through art, music, theatre and dance. Asians in the UK are very traditional and have maintained strong ethnic values because of their religious and cultural heritage. They also have a very strong community and sense of familial togetherness. Movies, songs, festivals and fairs are an integral part of entertainment and social gathering in day to day life.

ZEEL has always endeavoured to network Indians worldwide and bind them by the values of culture. Hand in hand, ZEEL has provided them with the best entertainment.