ZEE Entertainment

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ZEE ushered its way into the lives of millions of Indians residing in the US in 1998. Zee TV has become synonymous with unparalleled quality in entertainment. It's been almost two decades since Zee TV's entry in the US and it still maintains the position of the #1 South Asian Entertainment channel in the US.

Zee TV prides itself in the fact that it connects with viewers of all age groups. Zee TV has evolved over the years but has still stayed true to its roots. Today ZEE serves as the ultimate source for all the South Asian entertainment with gripping dramas, engaging reality shows, mythological shows, Bollywood blockbusters & special events. All of the shows aired on Zee TV are intended for family viewing

In the United States, ZEE provides up to 37 channels, offering a diverse abundance of quality entertainment in languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Spanish, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Arabic, Urdu, Portuguese, Oriya & Rajasthani. In August 2012, Zee TV became the first South Asian channel to provide top notch quality entertainment in High Definition.

As per Nielsen, Zee TV USA holds more than 50% viewing in South Asian homes and is the most watched cable network even when compared to Top Rated Cable networks from the mainstream like USA network, Nick, Fox News and others.