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Noida Uplink Facility


Zee - A Media Motion Enterprise

Zee Network transmission facilities are based at its Primary Playout and distribution hub located at Noida, which forms an integrated part of one of the most advanced media motion architectures in television industry.

The Noida transmission facility for the Zee Network became operational in March 2002 with a Single dedicated 9.3m antenna operating on the AsiaSat 3-S satellite with only one operational Channel, Zee News. It now covers over 55 broadcast channels using dedicated teleports and a complex network of Optical fiber links, Satellite broadcast transmissions, content contribution links and Internet Streaming.

The Noida facility was fully revampedin 2012-13 with full High definition (HD) core network, File based Media Workflows, Playouts with Advanced Media Architecture and interfaces to massive archival and retrieval systems dispersed amongst the Zee Network production and transmission sites. Full file based media workflows are achieved by an extended media network which encompasses even the production houses on the same platform.

The entire media network now operates on redundant high speed optical fiber links and connects the Playout Hub to Mumbai Production facility, Regional Clusters as well as Zee's partners in Media production, advertising and live events.

Noida Uplink Facility

The uplink facility at Noida is equipped with state of the art compression and automation systems for playout of content and its efficient delivery. Noida Teleport features most advanced Antenna Switching system for high reliability and flexibility in operations as well as automated monitoring of multi-satellite deliveries.

Noida Teleport

Media Playout Systems

The Playout systems are based on Harris D series and Pebblebeach Automation Systems. The playout is server based with Harris, Omneon, GVG, and Playbox servers being used. Highly advanced signal processing, monitoring and redundancy switching facilities are used in the playout and uplink systems.

A View of Noida Playout Centre

Zee Network uses advanced Traffic and Broadcast Management Systems developed in house which cater to its diversity of channels with multiple language subtitling, Multiple language Audio Support, Remote Advertisement Splicing and closed captioning designed to meet broadcast requirements in different territories.

Its File based Quality control center features state of art software to filter and sort thousands of Media Files for Quality, Archival and Retrieval.

Quality Control and Monitoring

Network Management Centre

Last Updated - November 15, 2013