ZEE Entertainment

Satellite Footprint



Zee TV is widely available in Africa on the Multichoice DTH Platform and a number of cable systems. Zee TV Africa is played out from Noida,India via Intelsat.


ZEE provides coverage of Americas using the IS-805 satellite. This provides coverage from Canada to South America. In addition, Zee TV is also available on Galaxy-23, a satellite popular for Cable Distribution. Eleven channels are now available on the Dish Network, while two channels are now operational on DirecTV, USA.


Zee Network uses C - band on Asiasat-3S,Insat 4A and IS-20 satellites. These cover India, Middle East, Australia, SAARC Region and Far East.

These three satellites together cover nearly 100% of the Cable headends in India and are most popular with broadcasters. While the Asiasat 3S helps deliveries in the Far East including Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Insat 4A is the home to most regional channels. IS-20 is used for Sports with coverage extending from Africa, Europe to Far East.


Zee Network is available in UK on the BskyB DTH platform. Sixchannels are available on the platform (Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zing, Lamhe and Zee News& Zee Punjabi). We use Astra 2F satellite for Sky services.

Worldwide Coverage

The map given below shows ZEE's global coverage.

Last Updated - November 15, 2013